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Day Trips Arusha - Tanzania

ANY trip can run with a minimum 1 person. Note that private tours are also available.

All trips can be booked through a travel agent or representative near you. New travel agents or tour operators contact us. If you need help locating a travel agent click here. For last minute bookings in Arusha for day trips only please call our central line on +255784522090.

Day Trips Arusha - Tanzania
Category Itinerary Name Code Total Time
Mountain biking      Undoubtedly the best way to get around in places where normal vehicles most cannot reach and yet also allowing enough time to see more than being on foot. passengers must be over 5 feet tall due to frame size limitations.
Arusha Tour MTB-A-3 3 hrs
WaArusha village tour & downhill to Arusha City ride MTB-P2A-3 3 hrs
Full day Arusha ride MTB-A-6 6 hrs
Full day Arusha + Lake Duluti ride MTB-AD-6 6 hrs
Waterfalls + village + Arusha town tour MTB-WA-6 6 hrs
Full day MTB ACTIVE MTB-ACTIV-6 6 hrs
Safari  Pre Kilimanjaro, post Kilimanjaro or for those with some time on their hands - there are a number of national parks that can be reached from Arusha for day trips with picnic lunches. For the best Kilimanjaro views please note the Arusha NP safari is a better trip than the Kilimanjaro day trip. For those that absolutely want to step foot on Kilimanjaro then the Marangu day trip or Shira day trips are suitable!
Arusha National Park Safari - day trip ANP-1 full day
Arusha National Park Safari + hike - day trip ANP-H-1 full day
Lake Manyara Safari - day trip LMP-1 full day
Tarangire Safari - day trip TNP-1 full day
Ngorongoro Safari - day trip NGO-1 full day
Kilimanjaro - The Shira Plateau day trip* KILI-S-1 full day
Kilimanjaro - Marangu day trip* KILI-M-1 full day

*please note that in our opinion the Kilimanjaro day hikes really take up a lot of driving time to reach and return from the hikes. Add to this that if the weather is inclement then there will be very limited or NO views. We recommend an Arusha National Park day trip over the Kilimanjaro day trip except for those that simply want to say they have stepped foot on Kilimanjaro.






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