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mountain hardware

Pulse Oximeter
oxygen on kilimanjaro

Camping Specifications
Kilimanjaro & Mt Kenya

This page can be used to refer guests to see what they have on a climb. Summits Africa runs 3 different Kilimanjaro & Mt Kenya Camping Specifications. Price varies accordingly as the more luxurious the trip the more weight is carried and hence more porters and crew.

NOTE: even the most pampered guests normally do not expect to head up Kilimanjaro on the "VIP" specification and tend to opt for the "Luxury" specification instead.

Category ITEM VIP Luxury Lightweight
 CREW      Trip leader (up to date Wilderness First Responder or equivalent)
Mountain guide (up to date Wilderness First Responder or equivalent)
Assistant guide (s) (Up to date red cross first aid certificated)
Camp Crew (s)
Cook (s)
 EQUIPMENT            Walk in client tent    
3 person "pup" tent used for 2 people    
2 person "pup" tent     Y
Full size sleeping cot    
3 inch mattress  
Foam pad    
Pillow  Y  
Sleeping bag (-18 Celcuis rated)  
Thermal liner  
Walk in mess tent  Y**
Lightweight tables  
Backed chair  
 SAFETY DEVICES      Pulse oximeter
Altitude sickness checklists  Y
Stocked first aid kit
Custom evacuation strecher  Y
Portable altitude chamber  Y*  
OTHER      Toilet tent  
Shower / wash tent    
Full trip and safety briefing  Y
Tips to all crew and guides    
 Evaluation reports

*On trips that do not sleep in the crater a portable altitude chamber is omitted unless requested by the agent

**For groups of 1 or 2 on the lightweight spec a combination sleeping and mess tent is used (i.e. 1 tent) rather than having a seperate mess tent.

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