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Climb Kilimanjaro Machame

Climb Kilimanjaro

Summits Africa runs professionally organised and led Kilimanjaro climbs. You can find about selecting which route on our Kilimanjaro route selection page.

Please note: our Mt Kilimanjaro climbs are normally quoted Arusha to Arusha. Should you require a pickup point or drop off point that is different then please let us know, we are happy to accommodate (for instance Moshi, Kilimanjaro airport, Usa River accommodation etc).

Kilimanjaro Climbs

Summits Africa runs Kilimanjaro climbs on all routes - Machame, Lemosho, Umbwe, Rongai and even Marangu at certain times of the year.

Private Kilimanjaro Climbs

Summits Africa is a leader in organising private Kilimanjaro expeditions - Kilimanjaro the way you want it! Such trips are best organised in conjunction with an Africa Travel professional that can lead you through exactly which trip is right for you and which accommodation and activities you can select pre or post Kilimanjaro.

Professional Kilimanjaro Guides

Our Kilimanjaro guides go through bi annual training focusing specifically on topics such as Acute Mountain Sickness, the identification and treatment of Cerebral and Pulmonary Edemas and we even teach topics such as geology and botany. Read more about our Kilimanjaro guides and the Summits Team.

Safety On Kilimanjaro

Safety is an essential part of all of our systems from the training programs we run, the information we collect before you trek and the check we perform on a daily basis. You can learn more about safety on Kilimanjaro and expeditions with Summits Africa here.

Kilimanjaro Map

Kilimanjaro Map

This Kilimanjaro map shows all mains routes - they are from right to left anti clockwise: Lemosho Route, Machame Route, Umbwe Route, Marangu Route, Rongai Route. Summits Africa provides departures on most routes and private climbs on all routes and we can advise seasonal differences.

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