6 Day Machame Route, ascent via Stella Point


Figure 1: Kilimanjaro Route Map - Machame 6 days

Kilimanjaro Machame 6 Day Route in a nutshell

Route / Safari / Trip Name Machame Route 6 days via Stella Point
Overview Ascent from the south western side of Kilimanjaro. This is a 6 day hike rather than a 7 day. This is the shortest climb Summits Africa runs.
Pros See all the main parts of the mountain in one itinerary. Great scenery, flora, geology and glaciology. Ascent is via Stella Point and so when you reach Stella Point there is only around 1 hour to Uhuru Peak, compared to 2 hours on the Marangu / Rongai routes.
Cons Night time ascent to the summit. Over 6 days this route is hard work as there is a long day before the night time ascent. That said the success rates are fairly similar to the 7 day - probably because fitter, more determined people tend to select this route. It is quite crowded as well but to be fair to other routes, most of Kilimanjaro is actually quite busy these days and so this factor can normally be discounted.


Machame Route Camps & Altitudes

Day Camp

Camp Altitude

Max Altitude
Hike Time
Hike Distance
1 Machame 3000 3000 7 10
2 Shira 3850 3900 7 8
3 Barranco 3950 4600 10 12
4 Barafu 4600 4600 8 4
5 Mweka 3100 5895 8 + 4+ 4 14
6 End   1500 4 9
      Totals Approx 36 65

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