At Summits Africa, we always aims to be a leader in taking care of our crews for any trip we run.

Trainee Guides

It is a long process to become a full guide and trainees have already been porters and camp crews for up to 3 years to reach this stage! Trainee guides are essential members of the team, carrying and supporting first aid kits and scenarios. In conjunction with the head guides they control the teams and provide essential feedback loops to the head guides.

Assistant Guides

Most of our assistant guides would be considered full guides with most other companies. The ones that stick through and prove themselves well rounded team leaders go on to lead our trips. Very knowledgeable and well trained the assistants are on hand with larger groups to help show you the environment and history of a given area.

Head Guides

What’s in a title? In our case the safety of all guests and crews on any one of our trips from a Kilimanjaro climb to a standard safari. Even on trips where we outsource or use third party products (such as remote fly in camps) we try to ensure that very specific guides are used for our trips. We expect our head guides to deliver – and by that we DO NOT mean getting every single client to some remote summit. Specifically we expect our guides to lead all clients and far as they can safely go and return them all the way back to the end of any given trip. Your safety is paramount and our guides are your custodians. With our commitment to training and development you should also expect to be very well informed too!

Trip Leaders

The most experienced and well rounded members of our team. These fine individuals are able to lead multiple discipline trips across different habitats and even countries. They work with different discipline teams to make sure that your trip is as well informed and seamless as can happen in the part of the world!

The porters

Working on Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru and with a separate team on Mt Kenya, this is the engine of the team that makes sure that you are never without a helping hand – from carrying bags to doing the washing up, this team never stops! It’s hard to become a porter for Summits, every crew member has to be recommended, interviewed and then go on a number of trips before they can join us full time. As a result Summit’s has built a very loyal and hard working team who are paid among the very top wages in the industry. Quite a bunch – you’ll meet them on trail or setting camp and no doubt many of them will impress you or amuse you at some point!

The Cooks

Our bush chefs work wonders in tough conditions. Whether in the dusty plains of the Serengeti or the summits of Kilimanjaro, Meru or Mt Kenya, these extremely diligent artists work wonders to provide you with fresh and tasty meals for days on end. Possible the least seen and yet hardest working these fine men cook up a storm – often in a storm!

The Camp Crew

Who sets you tent, serves you food, packs you personal bags for the next stage, carries your bags and keep all the porters on their toes? Our camp crews. Most are training to be guides and they are proud to look after you camp. Never be shy to ask these gentlemen for anything as they always work hard to please.