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Carbon neutral climbs

Carbon neutral climbs
Carbon neutral climbs

Carbon Neutral Climbs

Please note: we are in the process of making all of our trips carbon neutral. There may be some inaccuracies with the information and data below and so please feel free to comment or correct us -

Summits Africa has by default added a surcharge on your trip cost to purchase voluntary market carbon credits. At the moment our company is going through the process of a carbon audit in partnership with CAMCO – a carbon asset management company that works with governments and businesses to define policies and strategies to help mitigate climate change and to encourage sustainable development in developing companies. In the next couple of months we will be measuring our greenhouse gases emissions in our office and vehicles, calculating carbon dioxide equivalent tonnage emitted, and offsetting to applicable projects and programs. This carbon footprinting process is something we are encouraging our partner companies and safari suppliers to participate in. Thus, the goal is to have carbon neutral safaris as well, but this will take all the camps and lodges to be carbon audited. This new standard is something that Summits Africa aims to support and encourage in 2009 and beyond. In the interim, we have decided to go ahead and do an internal audit of our climbing itineraries and try to do our part to make them friendlier to the environment.

We have overcompensated our tonnage calculations for our greenhouse emissions created during your mountain climbs. The global market estimates that a tonne of carbon is $20 USD. Most clients carbon emissions are actually made during air travel to Africa. Thus, we are encouraging our guests to please look into offsetting their flight emissions with their overseas agents and/or airline companies. Adding a surcharge onto clients’ invoices is something we are not comfortable with yet and we seek to neutralize our footprint with you on the ground here in East Africa.

Most of the climbs we run come in at the .20 or .30 tonnage mark of emissions created. Thus, an additional $20 USD overcompensates your footprint and allows us to buy plenty of carbon credits to offset your trip. At the moment we are supporting Carbon Tanzania in our efforts to neutralize your climbs and shortly, our company. Carbon Tanzania is a not for profit organization dedicated to channeling funds for offsetting carbon emissions towards the regeneration of critical natural habitats while simultaneously creating economic benefits for local communities. Please visit their website for info on carbon and their projects. Also, you may offset your air travel emissions with them directly.

Thank you for caring and joining us in our efforts in helping our environment by evaluating carbon in conjunction with our already existing ‘trash in trash out’ policies.

For further questions please contact our team.

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