V.I.P Specification

VIP Specification is similar to the Luxury specification but with a larger walk in client tent with a sleeping cot so that guests are raised above the ground. The most comfortable all inclusive specification on the mountain, this is the specification to choose.

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Equipment specifications

Camping – V.I.P

Category Item VIP
CREW Senior Mountain guide y
Assistant guide (s) y
Camp Crew (s) y
Cook (s) y
Porters y
CLIENT TENTS Walk in client tent y
Full size sleeping cot y
3 inch mattress y
Pillow y
Sleeping bag (-18 Celcius rated) y
Thermal liner y
MESS TENT Walk in mess tent y
Lightweight tables y
Backed chair y
SAFETY DEVICES Pulse oximeter y
Altitude sickness checklists y
Stocked first aid kit y
Custom evacuation strecher y
Oxygen y
Portable altitude chamber y
OTHER Toilet tent y
Shower  / wash tent y
Full trip and safety briefing y

Client Sleeping Tent – NOTE: used for 2 people only


Safety Devices


Crew Numbers

Sometimes people are a little shocked at the numbers of crew involved in these expeditions but bear in mind that you are trekking for multiple days where complete camps have to be carried up and down with all food as well. The employment benefits from these trips are significant and with our teams you’ll love the camaraderie too.

The numbers of porters vary with specification. Generally we tend to have higher numbers of crew than ‘budget’ operators. Why? Because we do not overload our porters and we carry essential extras such as stretchers, oxygen, first aid kits, mess tents for all specifications, fresh food and so on.

Our most popular routes and example numbers of crew by specification are listed below

Route Specification Guests Guides Camp crew Cooks Porters Total
Machame 7 day VIP 2 2 1 1 18 22
Lemosho 9 day VIP 2 2 1 1 24 28