VIP Camping

Similar to the Luxury specification but with a larger walk in client tent with a sleeping cot so that guests are raised above the ground. The most comfortable all inclusive specification on the mountain, this is the specification to choose.


  • Senior Mountain guide
  • Assistant guide (s)
  • Camp Crew (s)
  • Cook (s)
  • Porters


  • Walk in client tent
  • Full size sleeping cot
  • 3 inch mattress
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag (-30 Celcius rated)
  • Thermal liner


  • Walk in mess tent
  • Lightweight tables
  • Backed chair


  • Pulse oximeter
  • Altitude sickness checklists
  • Stocked first aid kit
  • Custom evacuation stretcher
  • Oxygen
  • Portable altitude chamber*


  • Toilet tent
  • Shower / wash tent
  • Full trip and safety briefing

*On trips that sleep in the crater. Note that PAC devices are not used on most routes according to our protocol based evacuation plans, rather oxygen + descent remains the safety strategy. PAC devices are used on crater trips to cover scenarios where an immediate evacuation is not possible, for instance in the event of a blinding snow storm at night.

The above image shows the type of tent for this specification.