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Training Summits Africa

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20th November 2008 - It's November - that means training time at Summits Africa. Right now and up to 10 Dec we are running first aid classes for porters - in Swahili and in depth. See more at our news page.

Kilimanjaro Porters training

The back bone of our operations. For those interested in certain topics such as glaciation and global warming, geology, botany, please also see our links page which lists some of the info we give to our guides.

Summits Africa is committed to running in depth training programs twice a year. Why so much training?

  • It fits in with all of our 'Summits Objectives'!
  • Training is never ending - our career plans for our teams mean that our crews are always progressing from basic levels of training to more advanced levels
  • As managers and trip leaders we are always learning more so we expect our teams to be right up to date

What does Summits Africa Training Involve?

We train on the following main topics to ensure that our guides are well rounded individuals. Certain modules are tailored to specific trips (for instance our biking expeditions and Kilimanjaro / Mt Kenya/ Mt Meru expeditions:

  1. First Aid*
  2. Altitude Sickness types, monitoring and treatment*
  3. Constant Monitoring practices*
  4. Geology
  5. Glaciology
  6. History
  7. Flora
  8. Animal identification and behaviour
  9. Ecology

The first three modules of our training program are 'Core Modules'. To guide any Summits Africa client our head guides must have taken these modules and have up to date first aid certification. Bi annually we then run modules on other topics, which always involves field work in one or more of our trip destinations, for instance Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya, the Maasai Steppe or Ngorongoro Highlands.

Our training programs are run in our low seasons - November and April / May. Limited spaces are available for companies that would like guides to undertake a specific module or series of modules. Contact Ake Lindstrom for the next syllabus and availability. Prices start from $50 per module and some modules are taught by independent professionals (Red Cross, Botanists, Research Institutes).


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