Standard Specification

Our lightest specification.



Trained Mountain Guide
Assistant Guide
Camp Crew

Client Tents

3 Person “pup” tent used for 2 people
2 inch foam pad with Maasai Blanket Cover

Mess Tent

Lightweight 8 Man Tent
Lightweight Tables
Stools without back support

Safety Devices

Pulse Oximiter
Altitude Sickness Checklist
Fully Stocked 1st Aid Kit
Custom Evacuation Stretcher
Portable Altitude Chamber (Only on Western Breach Ascents and Crater Camp Stays)


Full Trip and Safety Briefing
Toilet Tent

trango 3.jpg

your tent: Trango 3.1

We use Mountain Hardwear Trango 3.1 Tents for the standard specification. These are excellent 3 man tents used by professional mountaineers around thee world and will hold up to any weather thrown at it.

No more than 2 people per tent are accommodated.

Standard Spec Inside.jpg

tent interior

Guests will be provided a 2 inch foam mattress inside the tent.

In the standard specification the guest must provide their own sleeping system and pillow, which can also be rented from Summits Africa if required.