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Start Date
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End Date
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Pre Climb Information
Pre Climb Information
You received sufficient information about what to expect during your trip?
You received a detailed itinerary about the trip?
You received a detailed kit list explaining what you needed for the climb?
You were sufficiently warned about the difficulty of the climb?
You received all the information with plenty of time before your trip?
Your Briefing
Your Briefing
A detailed verbal brief about what to expect on the climb was delivered by the Climbs Manager
A thorough kit check was conducted
The Climbs Manager was able to answer all your questions confidently
The Climbs Manager was helpful and supportive throughout
The Climb
The Climb
You felt completely safe during your time on the mountain
Your Tent met expectations
Your Sleeping Bag met expectations
The Mess Tent was clean, warm and comfortable
The guides were supportive and helpful at all times
The guides were knowledgable about the mountain
The Camp Crew were supportive and helpful
The Porters and other crew acted in a professional manner at all times
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