How to select specification


Summits Africa runs 3 “off the shelf'“ specifications. They are:

  1. Lightweight / Standard

  2. Luxury

  3. VIP

The key differences between the specifications are based on the amount of equipment provided and hence this affects the total weight of gear going on any given expedition. On Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru or Mt Kenya, all gear is portered up and down and so the more equipment we take up the more porters there are and the price rises accordingly.  

Remember that we do not alter the level of safety, safety devices or quality of guides

Matching specification to guest

Generally speaking we recommend the LUXURY SPECIFICATION for most guests. Why? Because it is the right level of comfort for most people and when spending a week or more at altitude, it is great to have at least some creature comforts such as a pillow and comfy 3-inch mattress and a private toilet. By the same token most clients who want to hike Kilimanjaro are expecting an adventure and so for this reason it is rare that people request the ‘VIP’ specification.

As a general overview the following summaries are useful to match guest to specification:

  1. Lightweight Specification: has a lightweight mess tent, table and stools, smaller client tent and foam pad. Clients must provide their own sleeping bag. This is our most adventurous specification and also lowest priced.

  2. Luxury Specification: a larger mess tent than the lightweight specification, backed chairs instead of stools, a larger client tent with a 3-inch foam mattress. A pillow and -18 Celsius rated sleeping bag with liner are also included. There is a private portable toilet. Evening meals have an additional course (entrée) and there is fresh pressed coffee available. All in all, highly recommended.

  3. VIP Specification: similar to the Luxury specification but with a larger walk in client tent with a sleeping cot so that guests are raised above the ground. The most comfortable all-inclusive specification on the mountain, this is the specification to choose.

The following page has more itemized lists and diagrams to help you understand and choose specification.